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Grain & Oilseed Flows Detected in Real-Time Data

Agri-commodity flows have shifted drastically in the last two years. Opportunities abound to capitalize on this continuing trend. 

ClipperData Director of Agricultural Commodity Research, Ken Smithmier,
outlines potential advantages resulting from this trend, including:

  • Systemic changes for global corn loading
  • The impact of higher freight rates and increased competition on the global wheat market
  • Advantages of hard data in forecasting soybean import trends when factoring in uncertainties such as trade issues and the spread of African Swine Fever

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Grain and Oilseed Flow Changes White Paper


ClipperData delivers a crystal-clear view of foreign offtake patterns and granular history of global
agricultural trade flows for logistics teams, risk managers, traders and investors.


Full Cargo Data Sets

Dry bulk cargo data sets featuring all major and minor wheat, corn and soybean exporting countries.


Daily Voyage Reports

Real-time loading data and charts for wheat, corn and soybeans every morning, Monday through Friday, from around the world.



Weekly Global Oilseed Report

Medium to long-term research based on trade flow patterns and abnormalities. Issue time 2pm every Monday. 

ClipperData: Know the Cargo

ClipperData offers the industry’s most comprehensive database of waterborne flows oceangoing, inland barge, ship-to-ship and floating storage of all crude oil and products worldwide in real time.


Delivering unrivaled transparency by ship (AIS), grade, volume, loading/discharge ports, ClipperData knows the volume all the way down to the dock level. Backed by hard data, our accurate, real-time intelligence is unmatched in the industry.


ClipperData offers tracking data for crude oil, clean petroleum products, fuel oil and feedstocks, LNG, LPG, petrochemicals, specialty products, container shipping and grains. For more information about ClipperData, visit www.clipperdata.com.